Stamp best before date

The correct labelling of honey is regulated in the Honey Ordinance. One of the obligatory indications is the best-before date, or best-before date for short. With this information, the beekeeper guarantees the consumer that the honey is edible in any case until this date and retains its specific properties. The prerequisite for this is, of course, correct storage: cool, dark and dry.

For stamping the best-before date honey labels are usually provided with a small white field. Here the respective best-before date can be stamped in quite simply. The date can be applied in different variants:

1. best before date less than three months: best before date must be specified to the day (“at least best before day/month/year“)

2. best before date more than three months but not more than 18 months: “best before end of month/year“.

3. best before date more than 18 months: The best before date may only be indicated with the year (“best before end of year at least“).

Stamping the BBD - Our recommendation

At you can choose between a smooth standard paper and a textured natural paper. Experience and practical tests have shown: For stamping the MHD we recommend the stamping ink NORIS #196. This is actually recommended by the manufacturer for plastic (PP and PE films), but in practice it is also ideally suited for papers and especially structured, large-pored papers such as our uncoated paper. Advantage: The stamping ink is water-resistant and fast-drying and thus already wipe-proof after about 12 seconds

For the standard paper is also suitable NORIS #191 color, a classic stamping ink for papers. This is dried after about 5 seconds and smudge-proof.

HERE go directly to NORIS 196 stamping ink.

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